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Bush Removal

With spring and summer rains, it is easy for brush and unwanted foliage to become overgrown on or near your property. Lawn Brothers has the equipment and expertise to easily remove unwanted plant overgrowth from your lawn and property. Old flower pots, unwanted gravel, mulch, and other debris can also be cleaned up and hauled away.


In addition to being unsightly, overgrown bushes, brush, and other yard debris can pose a fire hazard and increase the opportunity for pests to develop in your landscaping. By removing dead brush and maintaining that removal, your lawn and plant beds can be proactively protected from damaging insects, such as ticks, and critters, such as moles or other rodents, that like to hide and breed in wild foilage. Our Bobcat Removal Services are available in Suffolk County.

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Lawn Mower Selection Support

Utilizing industry-standard chippers, mulchers, and mowers, the team at Lawn Brothers Landscaping can quickly prepare your property for construction add-ons or landscape installation. Fast, mechanical removal of brush overgrowth quickly and easily reduces or eliminates pests and insects. Routine cleanup throughout the year further discourages rodents from continuing to visit your property because they no longer have a place to thrive.

The team at Lawn Brothers feels confident that they can cut back and maintain wild plants that want to establish onto your landscape. During weekly lawn maintenance, all areas of your yard are inspected for overgrowth of any unwanted plant life. During the autumn months, we can quickly clean up fallen leaves and other debris to help keep your yard fire-safe, looking its best, and improving your home’s curb appeal.

Lawn Brothers Landscaping hauls and recycles (as is possible) all lawn debris as part of our brush cleanup service. Suffolk County residents can schedule a free consultation by calling 631-294-5102 today. You can soon be on your way to one more thing off your to-do list with stress-free, professional brush, and debris removal.

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