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10 DIY fire pit ideas

If you're wondering why a fire pit would be a good idea in Nassau County and Suffolk County, ponder no longer. Fire pits are the epitome of any fabulous home and outdoor living design plan. A charming fire pit addition creates just the right ambiance Nassau County and Suffolk County communities long for.

Fire pits are designed to invite and uplift spirits, get you warm and certainly make you feel all cozy inside. Whether it's a bright blaze or slow-burning embers making the night, masterfully designed pit styles invite peaceful living in the heart of a beautifully manicured lawn or a rough and tumble lawn setting.

If you're wondering if any lawn care services near me would also provide fire pit or masonry services, you're in luck. Lawn Brothers Landscaping offers customers an exceptional and professional mowing lawn experience and that's just the tip of the landscaping iceberg. Lawn Brothers is also a specialized masonry company that has your back where lawn care and brickwork creatively come together.

Creating your own personalized fire pit is very doable and offers dramatic landscape potential in all kinds of scenery. Additionally, Long Island New York is no stranger to cooler months and awe-inspiring landscaping perspectives.

Cooler months also equate to tighter connections to communities' needs for lawn and garden care. So, it's only natural that Long Island New York can piece together the warmth of show-stopping fire pits, pristine lawn care, professional masonry, and brickwork with one exceptional company that does it all.

Why not start with some crazy-good DIY fire pit ideas that can help you get those creative outdoor living juices flowing. As an added incentive, fire pits are great additions that can increase the value of your home. Remember where you can find superior fire pit products and design teams to help you!


Novices looking for a smaller scale pit project can tackle this job with less effort by layering flat-based bricks or brick paver stones in a two or three-tiered circle. By clearing a ground space of approximately 6' x 6' of debris or grass you will have enough room to work.

Select the location of the pit and shovel out approximately 3-6 inches of dirt to be filled with sand. The main ingredients of this project are bricks, sand, pea pebbles, and lava rock, which is optional, and in that order.


Fire pits are versatile. If a round fire pit isn't your thing, no problem. By using the same tools and ingredients as Fire Pit #1, it's easy to go with a square design, a rectangular design, or almost any shape you can imagine while keeping the integrity of a simpler composition.

For more complicated shapes and construction, it would be wise to consider mortaring as extra security. If mortaring sounds like a bigger job than you prefer to handle, there's always an excellent and familiar landscaping company near you that would be happy to help.


Going just a simple design step further, why not use the same ingredients to create a raised fire pit. Simply fill the 6'x 6' cleared area with sand and flat bricks to create a sturdy floor for building Fire Pit #1 on top of. The brick floor serves as a clean, yet rustic place to sit or decorate with favorite outdoor items. Again, mortar is recommended as a stable flooring option if desired.


Increasing the quality of your fire pit materials will glean a more sophisticated look. Using kiln-fired tiles or stones that can handle the heat from an above-ground fire pit come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. Mix and match or keep the look simple. Keep in mind there will generally be some color variation in most stonework.

Extending the artistic design amps up the total fire pit look. Incorporating materials like slate, granite, and wood or metal trim work is just the beginning of what is out there to give a fire pit that wow factor you're looking for.


If you live in an area where small boulders can be accessed, you can create a very impressive fire pit for the books. That said, this type of project is significantly more challenging due to the weight of the rock.

Also, to increase the allure and keep within the scale of the boulders' overall collective girth, a wider prep area, inclusive of pea pebbles or lava rocks should be considered. When the job is done, you'll have one manly-sized fire pit to proudly show off.


Gorgeous, yet refined, a large concrete bowl fire pit can become a memorable piece of art that adds warmth and ambiance to back yards, patios, and tabletops. You can either purchase a pre-made fire pit bowl or a DIY mold if making your own (commercial grade blend) concrete bowl speaks to your inner artist. If molding your own bowl, don't forget to seal the concrete and let it dry prior to use.

Fill a bowl with a screen and lava rocks or lava glass beads that can handle the heat. A little gel fuel and you're ready to go.

A Different Point of View

Let's talk excellence. Each of the ideas above is fun, easy to create, and definitely worth exploring. Then there's a more serious side to DIY fire pits. The 5-star quality, then how in the heck do I get that incredible kind of fire pit, fire pit. The good news is it's easy to get if you are open to either really rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business. Or, you can justify that DIY doesn't always have to mean "you" have to do it yourself. After all, someone else also can apply the DIY definition personally, too which makes DIY seem a whole lot easier.

Take a gander at some of these DIY fire pits of excellence that someone else can help you see to fruition as you take credit for coming up with the DIY ideas. Pretty sweet, huh?


Fire and water. Enough said? A modern twist to Mother Nature's opposites is exactly what excellence of application can create. A stimulating, yet relaxing visual surrounded by superior stonework that leaves the imagination flowing as sweetly as the trickling water is just the focal point of beauty and expertise you've always wanted. Oh yes, this is pure excellence waiting to happen.


There's no need to walk on hot coals when you can immerse yourself around an open, yet in-ground, inlayed fire pit surrounded by lavish slate stonework and high-end patio furniture to relax by. This no muss, no fuss fire pit idea offers a super-sleek, modern approach to today's fire pit dreamer's repertoire while keeping a low-maintenance profile.


Picture it. A pristine white marble rectangle sitting pretty at the edge of the waters of your infinity pool, overlooking the horizon of painted skies and fall foliage. White marble fire pits exude excellence, refined ambiance, and a high-minded sophistication to any outdoor space. Marble with its respected place in Mother Nature's kingdom offers classic beauty without even trying and remains a time-honored option from fire pits to entire home builds.


Fire pits of excellence always seek out the most memorable placement locations. It's about diversity. It's about originality. It's about the unexpected. Centralized fire pits are fabulous. But, off-centered fire pits tout a rebellious attitude that often draws more attention.

Private fire pits placed within the recesses of patio corners or along lonely stretches of cooler gravel pathways tell guests you have their best interests in mind. As they offer warmth, they offer privacy, light, and a sense of security.

The finest fire pit areas are as personal as your finer tastes. Go as uncomplicated or as substantial as you like. Why not build an awesome seating area around the pit area for friends and family to gather 'round? A granite rock floor refines, defines, and enriches any outdoor seating area. Crafting a gorgeous pergola made to frame the fire pit area is another eye-catching extension to complement the seating area and the stars above. The creative fire pit building world is your oyster.

Strong and sturdy fire pits propose an extreme impression of certainty, entertainment, and substance. Fire pits with over-the-top stonework skills speak volumes of the candor of its purpose and flavor. It is of special interest that excellent products attract excellence overall.

The next time you ask yourself, "Do lawn care services near me have what it takes to get fire pit or mowing lawn jobs done right?", check out Lawn Brothers Landscaping and Masonry Company for all of your lawn care and masonry projects. Excellence is what you ask for and excellence is exactly what you can expect.

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