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Should You Fire Your Landscaper?

Your yard is an important part of your home. The appearance of your front yard makes a huge first impression on your visitors and neighbors, which means you want the best to take care of it. However, taking care of your yard or redesigning the landscaping is a big task, as you may not have the time or experience to do so. If that is the case for you, you may decide to put your trust in a landscaper. You should rely on your landscaper should to maintain a healthy lawn and front yard so that you can be free from worry or stress throughout the process. You may have a landscaper right now to assist with maintenance and lawn care, but you should always ask: “are they doing the best job possible?” If you have any doubt, then you should consider some of the reasons that it may be time to let go of your landscaper.

What to Expect from a Landscaper

First, it is always important to know what to expect from your landscaper. The expectations will always depend on what you and your landscaper agreed upon when they first started the job. Landscapers have a variety of tasks that they can assist with, from simply mowing lawns and trimming the bushes all the way to planting new trees or planning the layout for a new garden. The tasks they take on will vary based on your yard and what it needs. Additionally, your landscaper should be experienced in maintaining a yard as well as managing different types of plants. This includes being aware of native plants and how to help them flourish along with knowing which plants work well near each other. Experience and general knowledge should always be expected, but the degree to which your landscaper will assist in your yard will depend on what you are asking for.

Reasons to Reconsider your Landscaping Service

Timeliness and Communication Is an Issue Once you set a schedule with your landscaper, you expect them to be timely and consistent. Having an inconsistent landscaper is going to take a toll on your yard eventually. Especially when it comes to factors like wind or weekly visitors, the last thing you want is the leaves to continue to pile up or weeds to have time to grow. On top of it all, after paying for a service and having high expectations of an exciting yard, a landscaper missing their schedule hits even harder. You can expect some variability in a landscaper’s schedule depending on weather or holidays, but it is important that they are communicative with you when changes are necessary. If this is not the case, you should consider a new landscaper. Something is Wrong with the Lawn When you hire a landscaper, you have a vision of a healthy and beautiful yard. Mowing lawns and cutting down some of the hedges are not the only necessary tasks to maintain a breathtaking front yard. You may have a landscaper that can handle the simple tasks, but if it seems that your yard is heading in a downward direction, then something is wrong. If your landscaper is using the wrong products or equipment and your yard is suffering as a result, it is time for you to find a new landscaper. You should expect your landscaping company to not only have the best strategies to maintain your yard but also know when to adjust if something is not working. If the grass seems that it is lacking nutrients or plant trimming seems to have been done with dull equipment, you may want to reconsider the relationship with your landscaper. Attention to Detail Everyone has a bad day where they may forget something or not notice a small mistake, but if your landscaper tends to make a habit of missing something they should not have, you should probably take note of it. A good landscaper will make sure that they take care of every detail before packing up. Forgetting to clean up some of the leaves or missing the edge when mowing the grass happens occasionally, but if this is happening consistently, there are better options for you and your yard out there. A-List of Bad Reviews If there are issues with your landscaping service, these issues have likely happened elsewhere too. Look through reviews online to see what other customers are saying and if the company has made any improvements or has a strong overall reputation where mistakes are infrequent. A good landscaping service will have plenty of customer feedback to support their business. Occasional bad reviews for a business are not uncommon, but the company must be receptive to feedback. Look through the reviews to see if they addressed the issues. At the same time, if you share your concerns with your landscaping company and they are dismissive or unresponsive to them, then there is not much else that you can do besides finding a new landscaper. Major Mistakes Have Been Made Paying for a landscaper means that you are putting faith in them to have the most experienced and best resources to care for your yard. Be wary if your landscaper consistently makes damaging mistakes to your yard. Mistakes like spilling chemicals such as weed killer on the grass or over trimming a tree can be devastating to the appearance of your yard. Of course, mistakes happen to all of us, but what matters most is how they handle the mistake. If your landscaper disregards the issue and moves along as if nothing happened, then they are lacking some consideration for you and your yard, and you should probably look into other options. Making the Right Choice In your search for a new landscaper, be sure you are considering all the important factors so that you find a service that is right for you. Always verify that your landscaping professional is qualified and backed up by strong customer feedback. Stay away from landscapers who are afraid to show a business license or insurance. A professional will always be communicative and transparent throughout the initial hiring process and the entirety of a job. Whether you are hiring a service to take care of a big job, or one that will help you keep up with regular maintenance, always make sure to do your research so that you can find a service that is both reputable and reliable. Lawn Care Services Near Me For quality landscaping services, contact us at Lawn Brothers Landscaping. We serve Suffolk County, Nassau County, and Long Island, New York. We can help transform your lawn or landscape. We have over 50 years of combined experience throughout our team, and we pride ourselves on maintaining professional and reliable service in our lawn care service and masonry company. Our services include: · Weekly Maintenance · Bush Removal · Masonry Work · Pruning · Landscape Design · Mulching and Grading · Bobcat Services We also assist with patios, decks, walkways, and more! Our lawn care service and masonry company do it all. We go the extra mile to make sure that your yard is properly cared for with our attention to detail and reasonable prices. Get a free quote today! We will help you take the right steps to build a healthy yard and moving toward a landscaping service that you can trust. Customers throughout the Suffolk County, Nassau County, and Long Island New York areas trust us to do the job right. For lawn care services near me, Trust Lawn Brothers Landscaping.

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