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Ten reasons to hire a professional company for your lawn needs

Videos, images, and tutorials on the internet will provide lots of inspiration for your lawn care. Visions of an expansive yard with a flowering bed border and white picket fence as a backdrop may dance in your head. However, the road to creating this dream garden will be full of tasks and decisions about who will actually execute them and how much will everything cost. After all, your yard is not just a place to cater to your hobby of growing flowering plants and vegetables, but a space that will contribute to the overall look of your neighborhood. Sure, there are countless books, magazines, tips, and tricks to make your yard the way you want it to be, but you may eventually have to be realistic and take stock of the big picture for the long run.

With that being said, there are many reasons why hiring a professional landscape and masonry company like Lawn Brothers for your lawn care and maintenance task is more beneficial than doing it all by yourself. Let us walk you through some of those benefits:

1. Hiring Professionals Saves Time

Your front yard is really the first place that people visiting your house or simply passing by look at. While committing to an outdoor area of whatever size can be exciting and motivating at the same time, do not allow this enthusiasm to cloud your way. Instead, give it some thought. When you are busy juggling work, life, and errands, yard maintenance is the last thing you want to do because it can be time-consuming, potentially gobbling up all your free time that you have reserved for other important things. By involving a professional in most of the aspects of yard maintenance, you will not only save time but other useful resources as well.

2. Hiring Professionals Saves Energy

Maintaining a yard on a continuous basis requires energy and skills. It is one of the most difficult and labor-intensive tasks compared to other household chores. It is not a project that most novice DIYers like tackling alone on a regular basis. At some point, you will need to seek professional help, depending on your particular level of knowledge about lawns and gardens. For older homeowners, this is not a task that is risk-free as it involves the possibility of falling or getting injured. Some people may have conditions that prevent them from working outdoors. Then there are plenty of other reasons why garden maintenance work is not meant for everybody. If any of these situations fit you, you could benefit tremendously from hiring a professional service firm like Lawn Brothers. They are highly experienced to take care of your garden needs if you are in Suffolk County, Nassau County or Long Island New York.

3. Professionals Are Familiar With Regions And Climates

Landscape service professionals are accustomed to working in different regions and climates. They know what type of grass and plants grow during a certain season, and what makes them thrive under a given condition. This knowledge can only come from extensive experience and skills in landscape care that many do-it-yourself homeowners lack. There is also evidences that some grass types require special attention, especially when they are non-native to the region. Sometimes, these grasses fail, leaving them vulnerable to weeds and diseases. Professionals, on the other hand, are well-versed in creating a unique plan for different yards and gardens located in different regions and climates.

4. Professionals Can Save You Money

If you are planning a significant change to how your lawn looks or want an ongoing maintenance service, professional landscape service is your best choice, money-wise. Caring for a garden costs money every step of the way, for buying yard care products, equipment, and tools. This is a not-so-fun-part, especially when something goes wrong and you must repeat the work and time you invested into the care. For example, you may have used more water or less than required or cut the grass too short for a particular season. These simple mistakes may cost you more later, and hiring a professional is the best way to avoid them.

No one likes to crunch numbers, but setting aside a certain amount of money for professional landscape service every now and then is one of the safest best for a lush lawn. In a fast-paced world like today's, it's not easy to grow lawn-grass that could rival all your neighbors' yards by working on it yourself. Choosing a professional landscaper to work on it instead is cost-effective in the long run because they know how to finish the task in hand with the right equipment within a given time frame.

5. Right Tools And Equipment Choice

Most magic happens with the right tools and equipment. That's right! Most homeowners know how to use lawn-mowers at best, but yard maintenance is more than just that. It requires other important tools such as leaf blowers, trimmers, edgers, tillers, and special tools for fertilizing. Professional landscape service companies own all these tools plus more, in industrial versions. Landscape maintenance and care are often thought of as a battle against too much sunlight, weeds, insects, and diseases. With a professional's help, you will have the best results and not have to worry about dealing with pests and other typical issues.

6. Consistency In Care

Keeping yards healthy and green all the time has become an important chore for today's homeowners, especially when the home is located in a community regulated by associations. It's not uncommon to feel embarrassed if your lawn isn't up to the standard set by your neighborhood. However, if by now you are planning to bulldoze your yard and start new because they are in distress, rest assured, hire a professional and get the consistent care that your garden needs.

7. Right Knowledge and Skills

Studies show that one in three homeowners don't know how often to water their yard, let alone grow a healthy garden. Considering the wide variety of lawn-grass that are available in garden stores, along with pesticides and herbicides for weeds, and the immense variety of tools and equipment assisting the caring process, it's possible to perform the periodical maintenance like raking or mowing the lawn by yourself. However, you will spend a considerable amount of time browsing through the internet, typing lawn care services near me on search engines, reading books and magazines from a library in order to come up with the right information. For professional care services, it's a matter of a couple of hours to make your yard ready for the upcoming season.

8. For Safety And Liability Reasons

We all like our yards to look their best. Cleaning pathways, mowing the lawn, fertilizing grass, and raking leaves lead to healthier and more attractive gardens. What seems like an easy machine to operate, like a lawn-mower, can sometimes be dangerous without regular maintenance. Other equipment is equally dangerous and destructive to gardens if it is used improperly. On the flip side, professional landscape maintenance service companies carry insurance to cover any damage or accident caused by yard equipment. In fact, they are even trained to deal with the safety aspects of such equipment. Nevertheless, it's time to query lawn care services near me and contact professional landscape and masonry companies like Lawn Brothers.

9. Fight Against Weeds

Yards and garden grasses make poor breeding grounds for weeds and unwanted vegetation. Hiring professionals will allow you to check for issues and react quickly to this growth. Additionally, pests are attracted to poorly maintained lawn-grass, so are mildews and molds. All these start with decaying foliage then spread to healthy parts of your yard. With professional service, your lawn-grass will be able to breathe well, rejuvenate where they are dying, and eventually thrive.

10. Increase Property Value

If you are in Long Island New York or any part of Suffolk County, Nassau County, or beyond for that matter, one of the reasons to have a landscape maintenance professional take care of your yard needs is to increase your home value. Landscaped areas tend to increase the property value by 15 percent. A professionally maintained yard helps preserve the richness and beauty of the lawn-grass while reflecting a healthy life and outlook. If you have any questions just contact us or visit our website at

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