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Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Brothers Landscaping takes pride in offering an extensive range of landscape maintenance services designed to preserve the beauty of your property throughout the year. Our dedicated team goes beyond creating an impressive landscape; we prioritize its ongoing care to ensure its enduring allure. With our comprehensive maintenance solutions, your landscape will radiate long-lasting appeal, maintaining its pristine condition and captivating charm for years to come. Trust us to keep your property looking stunning and thriving in every season.

Weekly Maintenance

Our weekly lawn maintenance service is designed to keep your lawn in pristine condition all year round. A well maintained lawn is essential for having a beautiful and inviting aesthetic to your property. Each week our team will visit your property at a scheduled time to mow your lawn to the optimal height as well as trim all of the edges. We will always leave your property looking its best.

With our weekly lawn maintenance service you can have the perfect lawn without the hassle of maintaining it yourself. sit back, relax and let us do the hard work for you.


Keeping your landscape well trimmed is essential for maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. Our team has the skill and experience to properly trim any plants/bushes you may have. We will remove any dead or damaged branches and remove excess growth to ensure your landscape remains healthy and looking great.


Our Trimming service can be scheduled on a regular basis or as a one-time visit. Whatever your specific needs are we have you covered.

Bed Maintenance

Our bed maintenance service is designed to keep your garden beds looking healthy and vibrant year-round. A well kept garden bed will greatly enhance the appeal of your property. Our bed maintenance can be scheduled on a recurring basis or for a single visit as needed. We make it easy for you to maintain a beautiful property.

Seasonal Cleanups

As the seasons change so will your landscape. Each season will bring it's own challenges when trying to maintain your landscape. Our seasonal cleanup service will make sure your property remains clean and appealing no matter what time of year it is.

In the fall we will will come in and remove all of the fallen leaves from your lawn, garden beds, and any other surfaces they may cover., preventing them from suffocating your grass, clogging drains, or becoming a slipping hazard.

As spring arrives, we will come in and perform our spring cleanup to ensure your property is ready for the growing season. We will remove any remaining winter debris and address any winter damage, such as broken branches or damaged plants.

Our seasonal cleanup services are a great way to get your property ready for the upcoming season!


We will revitalize your lawn and restore its health by removing the layer of thatch that accumulates over time. Thatch is a layer of dead grass that forms between the grass blades and the soil surface. Excessive thatch can hinder your lawns health and growth. This is why it becomes essential to get rid of it.

Our team has the skills and tools necessary to pull this layer of thatch out of your lawn. Removing the thatch allows your grass to breath, easily absorb water and receive the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Our de-thatching service is recommended on an as needed basis, depending on the condition of your lawn.