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Weekly Maintenance 

One of the first things people notice about your home is the quality of your lawn. Does it look well cared for? Are there bare spots? Are the flower beds overgrown? At Lawn Brothers Landscaping our goal is to keep your grass greener and your yard more beautiful. Landscape care is an investment in your home. We offer expert lawn care and yard maintenance Service from the North Shore to the South Shore throughout Suffolk County.

Lawn Mower Selection Support

Weekly mowing and trimming help to maintain the beauty of your landscape for the entire growing season and helps it rebound more quickly when spring arrives. During weekly lawn maintenance, we inspect the yard for weed, pest, and insect issues to help prevent bigger issues from developing. We also take this opportunity to clean up any debris that may have accumulated over the week. 


By mowing your lawn to a uniform length every week you are not only heading off potential problems you are enabling the grass to strengthen as it grows. Frequent mowing allows your landscape to utilize, equally across your yard, the water and fertilizer resources that are being applied. In the long run, your grass grows better and lawn maintenance becomes more efficient because the lawn is healthier.

Grass, like all other organic material, depends on the survival of the best new growth. When grass is mowed weekly during the growing season, the healthiest of the new shoots will produce more making your lawn stronger and more disease-resistant throughout the year.


Regular lawn cutting and trimming also allows dead grass to fall onto the lawn even if a bag is being used. Despite using a bag enough dead grass falls on to the lawn which helps enrich the soil at the roots through quick composting. Dead grass breaks down very easily and becomes a natural source of organic fertilization.


As part of our weekly yard maintenance program in Suffolk County, we check for proper hydration, root development, and fertilization needs. We use state of the art lawn maintenance equipment products to ensure proper mowing and trimming techniques. By checking your yard each week we can help ensure that your landscape remains pest and disease-free.


Lawn Brothers uses natural weed, insect, and pest deterrents to not only keep your yard looking great but make it safe to enjoy for your family, friends, and pets. Additionally, you can feel better about a lawn that is beautifully maintained while staying eco-friendly.


When you invest in regular maintenance on your yard, you are more likely to head off expensive lawn repairs down the line. Like anything else in your home, your landscape needs frequent inspections to look for trouble spots so that an affordable fix can be made right away.


You work hard to earn your leisure time and spending time checking for weeds, insects, or pesky critters is probably not high on your weekend to-do list. Letting the professionals at Lawn Brothers Landscaping cut and maintain your lawn will give you more precious free time to enjoy your well-earned oasis with family and friends.

At Lawn Brothers, we can customize your lawn maintenance service In Suffolk County to fit your lawn’s needs as well as your wallet. We just need to set up an appointment to view your lawn and go over the recommendations. No two lawns, just like no two families, are alike and we are confident that we can help you come up with a plan that maintains the beauty of your lawn while keeping an eye on the bottom line.


With over 50 years of combined lawn care experience, Gerry Morano and his team are confident in their ability to keep your yard looking good and staying healthy. If you have lawn care needs anywhere in Suffolk County, from the North Shore to the South Shore, contact us at 631-294-5102, today, for a free consultation. A simple phone call can make living with your lawn a pleasure rather than a chore.

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