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Mulching, Grading, and Topsoil

Benefits of Proper Land Grading

The grading (level) quality of the land around your home serves more purposes than you might realize. Proper land grading allows for even distribution of water and can prevent structural damage to your house by guiding drainage and moisture runoff away from your home's foundation. Proper leveling also helps to prevent long term soil erosion because the land area of the property can absorb moisture more quickly and efficiently.


Expert land grading from the team at Lawn Brothers Landscaping establishes a great foundation for your entire landscape design. Our free consultation can help evaluate your landing grading needs.

Garden Soil

Benefits of Good Topsoil


After proper grading, a good topsoil layer can be installed as a great foundation for growing a lovely landscape. A proper topsoil layer helps to promote health and disease-resistance in your lawn grass and other plant life. In addition to improving the look of your home, good topsoil installation can head off lawn problems in the long run.


If you are seeing low or bare spots in your garden or your watering does not seem to be effective, a layer of properly applied quality topsoil could help. Overtime soil becomes overly compacted and less effective at delivering the nutrients and moisture needed by the plant material it is supporting. Rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus, a new topsoil layer can regenerate a lackluster landscape.


Are your plant and flower beds not retaining the moisture they should and starting to look dreary? Chances are the soil here has also become compacted over time through routine watering. Lawn Brothers can aerate the existing soil in your lawn and plant beds, add a layer of topsoil, and then add professional-grade mulch to help revive your ornamental landscape beds.

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Addressing the grading, topsoil, and mulch needs of your landscape are just a phone call away at 631-294-5102. The Lawn Brothers team can arrange for a lawn care expert to review your landscape and help you set up a plan to make your Suffolk County lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Importance of Mulch in Your Garden


Installing beautiful flower beds and ornamental features in your garden takes thought, time, and money. Protecting those beds from weeds and disease helps to prolong the life of the plants and keep your investment looking its best. Applying mulch to your garden beds serves a vital function.


By adding mulch to your existing lawn beds you increase the ability of the soil to retain water and resist weeds all while adding a beautiful unifying element to the landscape design. Attractive mulch also helps cut down on the need for watering and provides a barrier to dehydration throughout the plant bed. Applying the proper amount and type of mulch is also the key to making the mulch work for your garden needs. A professional landscaper will know what type of mulch and how much to apply so that your garden will look its best at all times.


Mulch is available in many different types of organic and inorganic material. Plastic and recycled rubber mulch are popular along with organic products such as wood chips, hay, stone. Gerry Morano and his landscape team at Lawn Brothers Landscaping have a combined 50 years of experience installing mulch in decorative plant beds and can make a recommendation that is beautiful and budget-friendly.

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