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10 Benefits of Having a Grill Built in Patio Instead of Standalone One

If you thought that only U.S. men were enamored with grill ownership, be advised: You’re not alone. U.K. website article writer Alice Johnston dug deep into the art and science of grilling and concluded that all “men are entranced by the ritual of barbecuing,” a statement that may relieve the worries of guys who find themselves besotted at the thought of a steak that’s grilled to perfection. Social scientists provided a rational reason for these delicious relationships. Barbecuing is “inextricably linked with a sense of masculine, hunter-gatherer pride,” concludes Professor Andrew Warnes, a professor in American Studies at the University of Leeds who works on the mythology of barbecues, so if anyone questions your relationship with your grill, let them know it’s built into your DNA!

Origins of the Outdoor Barbecue Grill

You might never have heard of him, but if you’re into shrine building, you may want to erect one in honor of innovator George Stephen who crafted the first modern BBQ grill in 1952 during his tenure as a welder at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Illinois. He cut a metal buoy in half to produce the first iconic dome-shaped grill, slapped on three legs and fastened the other half of the buoy to serve as a lid. Bill Best is the guy who thought up ceramic burners in the 1980s and over time, fuel sources transcended briquettes pioneered in the late 1800s to offer men wielding tongs a variety of fuel sources that now include lump charcoal, natural gas, propane, wood pellets, wood, and electricity. Each of these energy sources contributes to the distinct flavor of foods prepared on a barbecue. But enough history...

You Want Reasons to Install a Patio Grill, and Here’s Your Ammunition

1. An outdoor grill qualifies as an outdoor kitchen because it’s a thing of beauty and convenience that represents permanency and dedication to the art of grilled cuisine. Further, myriad designs give your installation a unique look, whether you follow a pattern or create your own. You’ll take more pride in your lawn care efforts once it bumps up against this cool addition. 2. A surprising number of raw material options further separates your outdoor patio grill from those of neighbors. Choose from mortared brick, stone, granite, and stainless steel. A masonry company can handle that aspect of the build-out. Whether your desire is to complement your home’s exterior or not, innovators aren’t shy about mixing and matching materials like masonry to create one-of-a-kind built-in patio grilling centers. 3. Patio grills offer the convenience of being able to shop for chops and throw them onto your grill immediately. No dragging a kettle unit out from the garage and starting from scratch to set it up. Further, installing a permanent outdoor kitchen next to your home can take advantage of close access to power sources. This means you don’t have to stop with the grill. You can install a ‘fridge, sink and other conveniences, too. 4. By installing your patio grill adjacent to an exterior wall, you can create an entertainment area that requires few refinements to shape it into an al fresco dining enclave. This renovation gives you a favorite gathering area for family and guests. Simple architectural elements give these areas personality--masonry and brick work are especially stylish. Don’t be surprised if you’re the object of neighbor envy. It happens—and you’ll take more pride in your lawn care too. 5. Your cost for adding a roof to add more value and shelter doesn’t have to clean out the kid’s college fund if you explore myriad material and design options on today’s DIY market. Make it a splashy, custom-made awning that can be rolled out when needed, a simple flat structure perched on columns, a stylish latticework canopy or splurge on a powered model that delivers area coverage with a flick of a remote control or wall switch. Your geographic area will determine how far you want to go given seasonal weather changes. 6. Patio grills not only make life more delightful but can add to your home’s value. Picture yourself touring houses with a realtor and feeling pretty good about the rooms, price, and neighborhood. Then, you pass through doors to check out the yard and there stands a movie-set-worthy patio grill set-up. Add today’s trendiest addition--a plunge pool—-and you may never get rid of the company you invite over to enjoy your version of paradise. 7. Acquire a status symbol. According to a blurb on Twitter, “Luxury grills became the ultimate status symbol during the pandemic.” They continue to trend as more people seek innovative ways to turn their homes into places that offer sanctuary during sequestration. The phenomenon didn’t end with tricked-out patio kitchens. Noted Bloomberg opinion writers: “With restaurants closed during lockdown, people poured money into their homes and got more adventurous with cooking.” Where once the act of mowing lawn designs into landscapes set yards apart, today luxury grills are doing just that. 8. Lower your energy costs. Splurging on a patio grill rather than a standalone unit can change your cooking routine dramatically. As a bonus, the heat you build up within your home decreases. This means that your HVAC system doesn't have to work longer and harder. Cook outside on grill and you control the amount of heat you generate, say experts at Duke Energy, North Carolina’s electric and natural gas provider in Charlotte. Who doesn’t want to see a drop in power bills? 9. You’ll save money by dining out less often. Having a high-end set-up outside that provides ambience, relaxation and no need to dress up can't be beat. Because patio grilling areas literally add bonus space to the square footage of your home, the urge to splurge on outside activities is likely to hit much less often. Further, the money you save will enable you to add extras to your al fresco space, like storage, a ‘fridge and new patio furnishings. 10. If you’re a DIYer, build it yourself, say editors at Bob Vila’s popular This Old House website. What guy doesn’t love a project requiring tools, blueprints, and trips to lumber yards and big box stores? Turn it into a buddy project by inviting skilled pals over to help with masonry and brick work if a masonry company is too pricey. The cost of your friends’ help may be delivered in beer, pizza and perhaps IOUs to reciprocate. The estimate for a modest build-out that has the potential to be expanded down the road is around $800 for materials and takes around two weekends to complete, depending upon the generosity of your crew. Sound like the home addition you’ve dreamed about? Whether your address is Suffolk County, Nassau County, or Long Island New York, there’s a yard beautification specialist in your area eager to make sure that your sophisticated patio grill isn’t embarrassed by a yard that ruins the look of your newly acquired focal point. Lawn Brothers Landscaping serves Suffolk County and Nassau County plus Long Island New York neighborhoods and communities with pride. Lawn Brothers Landscaping professionals want to make sure that the time, money and stress-equity spent on your Home and Gardens magazine-worthy grilling station complements your hard work. That's why your search for a “lawn care services near me” needn’t be long or hard because we’re right in your neighborhoods. Further, our clients spoil with rave reviews and lots of referrals. Don’t settle for any lawn care services near me referral! You deserve better when it comes to a mowing lawn partnership offering some of the most skilled landscapers in Suffolk County, Nassau County and Long Island New York. Turn every one of your landscaping tasks over to our crew of specialists who are as committed to our work ethic as we are to the homeowners we serve. Included among Lawn Brothers services are: •Property 3-D Design •Total Overhaul of Landscape •Mowing and trimming plus grass replacement upon request. •Brush Removal & Land Grading •Maintaining the latest equipment and methods. •Keeping abreast of new diseases and maladies that can damage/destroy your Grass/Shrubs/Trees •Patio Creation & Brick Laying Put us on speed dial so your lawn and your standalone patio grill are the talk of the neighborhood and the grass surrounding your spectacular installation receives the respect and admiration you crave: We want to be your forever lawn contractor, and we would love the chance to show you how much!

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