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4 Ways to Better Care for Your Lawn

Expert lawn care has never been about using herbicides, fertilizers, and water in excess. It’s not solely about mowing or trimming the sward every few weeks. To get healthy and attractive grass in Long Island New York, put the right tools, skills, and enough effort into practice. Understand the role of biologically active soils with enough organic matter in the growth and health of a prairie. Come up with the proper turf care plan and keep it all through for the turf to grow into succulent, green, and eye-catching grass. For the grass to attain an ever-green and striking look, understand the basics of proper soil care and composts. The following are four potent methods of caring for grass in Nassau county to boost its health and attractiveness. Boosting Nutrient Content of the Soil Soil healthy has a direct correlation with the lawn’s health and charm. The roots of chemical-grown lawns are fed with externally sourced nutrients and water. Because of that reason, the root system will be frail, meaning it won't deliver the right nutrient and water amount the yard grass will require to grow naturally and maintain lush and green looks. Perform a though soil test to find out its quality to get an idea of how best to support and feed the grassroots. Dig out about 4-inch deep sod and carefully examine the properties of the soil. Soft and flaky soil with soupy greensward blades and worms indicates a healthy and lush turf. Dry sods with frail roots are an indication of substandard soil. If the dug sod contains decomposed root system and stems with decaying organic matter, know right away that its health is below par. Other characteristics of biologically lethargic soils are the low quantity of earthworms and microorganisms. To achieve a biologically active turf soil, aerate it thoroughly to cut through enough pathways for essential nutrients and water to flow undisturbed into your grassroots. The easy way to aerate your soil is by using powered or manually operated aerating machines. After aeration, enrich the soil with organic fertilizer nutrients. When conducting your soil test, don’t forget to verify its ph. Most lawns do well in soils with neutral or low acid levels. The soil's pH level guides you to decide whether to apply sulfur to raise the acidic levels or lime to turn it neutral. You can do the soil test yourself or search online for lawn care services near me and hire an expert. Topdressing your turf regularly with quality topsoils or compost can help boost your soil’s health and quality over time. Apply a quarter or half an inch of the compost or topsoils every often, ensuring you push it down into the greensward. Mow The Grass Properly and Regularly No Suffolk County grass care program is complete without the inclusion of regular mowing lawn services. Getting the leafy content of your grass cut down enables your turf to flourish healthily and attractively. When adequately trimmed, your sward uses food cached in the lawn’s root system reserves to regrow the cut grass blades. Don’t cut lots of grass at once as that would exhaust the stored food fast, wreaking havoc in the grasses' roots and making them prone to diseases and related problems. The grassroots penetrate deeper into the soil as the grass grows in height. Because of this fact, you shouldn’t mow your grass more than 2 inches, no matter how big it is. You’re advised to mow the grass high, keeping the grass height at two and a half, or 3 inches. That’s essential to ensure the grass can stand up to drought problems and fight weeds with ease. Never error by mowing the lawn during hot weather or when the grass is experiencing growth dormancy. Don’t ever mow with a blunt blade because that would tear the grass leaf tips making them brown and rough-ended. Every grass type is not equal. Some grasses grow to extreme heights while others grow to standard heights. For example, if you’re rearing Bermuda or Zoysia grass, don’t allow it to grow below or higher than one and a half inches. If you have Fescue or Kentucky bluegrass, make sure you keep it at two or two and a half inches maximum. Each grass type has specific features and would grow to distinct heights. Whatever time of the year you mow, make sure you don’t trim it when it’s extremely wet. Mowing your turf when wet will result in jagged cuts, and your mower may get clogged in the process. Likewise, the mower wheels may dig deep into the soil, destroying the root system. When mowing, ensure you change its pattern and direction often to achieve that beautiful and clean-cut. Properly Water Your Turf Your home turf needs proper watering to stay healthy and maintain that attractive look. Conditions such as soil variety, weather, and grass variety will determine the water level required. Every time you’re spraying water to the grassland, ensure you do it deep and constantly. Not spraying water deep and consistently into your soil causes shallow and feeble root systems and stagnated growth. The recommended water depth is six to eight inches because it enables the root system to penetrate deep and the blades to grow healthily. The watered turf's profundity will also time spent watering the grass and how often the sprinkling is done. By running the sprinkler for approximately three hours whenever you’re watering the greensward, the water reaches the recommended depth. For the water to penetrate deep into the root system, water your turf in the early morning hours. Mornings have cool air and calm winds, so very little water will be lost through evaporation. Besides, the root system will have extracted enough water from the soil when the sun gets hot, and evaporation rates increase. While watering the turf, do it evenly, ensuring every section of the lawn gets enough and almost equal water supply. The easy way to ensure your grass gets enough water is to measure the efficiency of the sprinkler setup. Set the sprinkling system ready and place small containers around it. After several minutes, check the quantity of water in each container to determine if the sprinkler is spraying the same amount of water at the set levels. After watering, you should check the water's depth inside the soil. The easy and cost-effective way to do this is by using a spade. Ensure you set the spade on the watered sward area and push it downward. That lets you know how far the moisture has gone deep into the soil and the amount required for the meadow to get enough water. Use Organic Fertilizers Instead Using fertilizers has become a norm in modern farming and gardening industries. Fertilizers boost the growth rate and the health of plants and grasses. Sadly, chemical-based fertilizers can severely affect how fast and strong the grass or plants grow. If your turf soil has adequate organic content, you might not need to use fertilizers as the grass will grow well on its own. If the target soil lacks biological content, you want to supplement its nutrients and quality by using fertilizers. The recommended fertilizers are the ones sourced from organic materials as they won’t cause much harm to your turf. If you decide to apply fertilizers to boost your soils' quality and nutritious value, make sure you don’t overdo it. Applying the fertilizer once or twice every year is enough to quickly let the grass blossom into healthy-looking and attractive grass. While using the fertilizer, follow the two main fertilizing schedules, which vary based on whether it's a hot or cold season. The growing cycle of different grasses differs, so keep that in mind too when applying fertilizers. Research the nutrient content in your soil as well before you decide to apply the fertilizers. That way, you can know and determine which fertilizers will best work for your Suffolk county soil type. If you don’t want to kill the soil texture and life over time, ensure you don’t use chemical-fused fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are essential for enhancing the soil's organic content besides making the turf healthier. Work With Experts in Lawn Care Caring for your grass isn’t something you can’t do during your free time. However, as we mentioned earlier, the amount of work and skill involved in maintaining a healthy and attractive turf is massive. You may never provide the turf with the care it deserves if you only think of it whenever you’re free. For those who are too busy to give their lawns the superb care and maintenance they deserve, consider hiring the services of the highly qualified team at the Lawn Brothers Promise. The Lawn Brothers Promise is a landscaping and masonry company headed by Gerry Morano with a single goal to help people keep their lawns healthy and beautiful. It's possible that you're asking yourself, where can I get lawn care services near me? Look no further. Our grass care and masonry company boast 50 years of combined experience offering care services and brickwork services in Long Island New York. The quality of our brickwork and masonry work speak for us, not to mention the quality of our near-perfect maintenance services. Contact the qualified team at Lawn Brothers Promise if you have masonry and meadow care projects in Nassau county requiring professional attention.

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