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5 Signs You Need Masonry Work Done to Your House

It's Saturday morning and you are out mowing your lawn, you look around and notice that your neighbor has hired someone to take care of their lawn care for them. You pull out your phone and search for Lawn Care Services Near Me and while you consider hiring a landscaping company you put your attention back to your yard and to your house and notice another problem. Now not only are you taking care of your own lawn but you also notice some cracks in the bricks on your house.

You look at them in stunned silence and wonder what to do next, but before you can decide between lawn care services or brickwork you see a sign, literally a sign that lets you know that the Lawn Brothers not only take care of lawns but also do brickwork. No need to hire one company to cut your grass and a separate masonry company you can have both with one phone call.

Does that scenario feel close to home? Have you ever wanted to have a single company that you could rely on for your outside projects? Here is a list of five things that you should look for to see if your bricks need a little TLC and could benefit by hiring the Lawn Brothers.

Vertical Cracks

Vertical Cracks or Corner Cracks do not affect the integrity of the brick but they are still a problem as moisture can get trapped between the cracks which can result in water damage to your property and over time cause extremely serious problems to your house and with the amount of moisture in Suffolk County, Nassau County or even Long Island New York that is not something that you want to have happened.

If you see vertical cracks in your bricks then it is time for some professional help in order to prevent water damage and other problems down the road

If you notice vertical cracks or corner cracks in your bricks and mortar it is a quick and simple fix that will make your house look new. Usually, all that is required is an epoxy injection which will seal up the crack and stop any damage from occurring. This process will cost much less than the repairs that you will need to make if the crack gets any worse and does damage to your house.

Things to Look for include:

  • Vertical cracks in your bricks or mortar.

  • Corner Cracks in your bricks or mortar.

Bowing or Cracked (compacted) Bricks

If you notice horizontal cracks or bowing bricks it is a sure sign that your brickwork needs some attention. This can indicate that your foundation is settling and needs to be beefed up.

If you notice this in your brickwork, do not wait to call a mason as it could lead to more serious problems if left unattended. If caught early it is a relatively simple repair of replacing the brick and adding some underpinnings to the foundation in order to prevent damage in the future.

Usually compacted bricks happen over time as wear and tear on your foundation occurs, but sometimes it can happen all at once. If you notice that the brickwork all of a sudden is settling or bowing in an unusual way call a mason right away so they can have someone out to take care of the problem before any serious damage occurs to your house.

Things to Look for include:

  • Oddly Shaped Bricks

  • Horizontal cracks in your bricks

  • Bowing bricks

Bulging Bricks

When it appears that brick in your outer wall is bulging out or looks like it is ready to pop out, this can be a sign that there is water damage occurring behind your outer wall which could lead to serious damage.

The bulge on the brick can be both inward or outward and while you might think it means that the brick has deteriorated usually it actually is symptomatic of the wood or concrete supporting the brick wall that has deteriorated. If you are noticing this in your bricks, call a mason out to assess the damage and fix it as soon as possible so the problem does not get any worse.

It can be as simple as removing the bulged brick in order to see what is going on and then replace the damaged support behind it. Depending on the support behind the inner wall, it can be a quick and easy fix or could require more extensive measures. You will not be able to tell much until the bulge is removed and see what the damage actually is. The weather in Suffolk County is known for being harsh and this can lead to problems if you do not keep track of your brickwork.

Things to look for include:

  • Bulging bricks

  • Recurring Cracks in your bricks

  • Excessive Moisture behind the Brickwork.

  • Bricks that look like they are stained

Chipped Bricks (Spalling)

In terms of masonry work spalling is when the surface of the brick begins to break off. Spalling is normally an issue that has more to do with curb appeal than it does with the structural integrity of the brick.

If you have chipped bricks it can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint to your house and no one will ever know that there was damage in the first place, so if this is all that has happened then consider yourself lucky!

In more rare cases damage to the brick can occur and it might need some attention. If you notice that there is a deeper crack in your bricks or if the spalling continues, then call a mason out right away so they can assess any damage and fix it as soon as possible.

Things to look for include:

  • Broken Bricks

  • Crumbling Bricks

  • White Powdery substance on your brick

Mortar Issues

The bricks in your wall are definitely the best sign that your walls are in good order, but you can't ignore the mortar!

If you notice that your mortar is crumbling or the bricks look like they are beginning to separate from each other you may need to call a mason to come out and service your mortar.

This is normally an issue that would require more than just a simple paint job, but if caught early it can be fixed easily before things get worse. Mortar will wear over time especially if you have older bricks on the exterior of your house so this might happen, regardless of how well you maintain your brickwork.

Mortar holds your bricks together and so if it is crumbling and falling out you definitely need to get it repaired or replaced before the bricks separate from one another or begin rubbing against each other and do even more damage.

This is a problem that affects the structural integrity of your house so it would be best to get this fixed right away before you have any serious issues on your hands.

Things to look for include:

  • Crumbling Mortar

  • Stairstep shaped cracks in your mortar

  • Gaps between bricks

  • Loose bricks

Masonry work is not a good DIY project. If you notice any of these signs, it's best to call in the experts and have them take care of your bricklaying needs!

The Lawn Bros can take care of both mowing lawn and laying brick for a complete outdoor service. So whether you are looking for lawn care services near me or for someone to fix your brick wall contact us today.

If you are located in Nassau County, Suffolk County, or anywhere on Long Island New York don't hesitate to contact us or visit our website if you are looking for a masonry company or even for some help mowing the lawn.

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