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5 Trends in Landscape Design You Should Know 

Landscape design is an art form that can be used to create amazing outdoor spaces for people. It has been around since the beginning of humanity, and it is evolving with each passing generation. Landscape designers are always looking for new trends in their field to stay ahead of the curve. With more people staying home in the recent past, the trends have evolved towards creating more functional outdoor spaces that look good and add value. The trends have also moved towards investing in plants and technology that make landscaping easier, cheaper, and environmentally friendly. This allows homeowners to focus less time and money on mowing lawns, and instead the money and time elsewhere, while still having a thriving yard. Here are five trends in landscape design that you should know and incorporate into your home. 1. Edible landscaping

Edible landscaping is on the rise. People are looking to grow some of their own farms produce to be more self-sufficient and healthy. Instead of using your yard as an empty space, you can turn it into a garden with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other edible plants. Start with the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you eat every day and that are easy to grow, then expand the variety as you go. A garden plan will help you know what plants should go where, depending on their growth habits, to avoid issues that may arise later, such as overcrowding and lack of water or sunlight. It would be best if you also considered growing only plants suitable for the climatic conditions of the area you live in so that they can thrive without too much work. If you are considering getting into edible landscaping, then it is a good idea for you to find a reputable landscape designer who can help you turn your yard into a garden with plants and produce that will benefit you while still beautifying your space. This trend has been popular for some time now, so many companies, including lawn brothers, have experience with this type of landscape design project. You should be able to find one that will do an excellent job for you. 2. Outdoor living space

People are looking for more outdoor space in their homes and landscapes. Outdoor living spaces are a trend that has been going on for some time now, but it is still popular. If you want to take your landscaping project to the next level, consider adding an outdoor living area to your yard or garden. You can add this with anything from patios and concrete surfaces to decks and verandas space. For the stone or brickwork, work with a masonry company to bring everything masonry together for that vision that you have. Find a masonry company that is near you and offers excellent masonry services in particular stone and brickwork. You can even add a small cottage or shed to use for storage and as additional living space. If you want the ultimate outdoor luxury, then look into adding an outdoor kitchen with everything from stoves and grills to sinks and water fountains. You can also add outdoor fireplaces, hot tubs, and pools for the ultimate in relaxation. You may need help finding some of these products if they are not things that you would normally know where to find. There is, however, no shortage of places to buy anything from potted plants to garden furniture in Nassau County, Suffolk County, or Long Island New York. Getting them should be easy enough for anyone who wants this type of design feature in their yard or home landscape. Just because you are adding an outdoor living area to your yard does not mean that it needs to be dull or boring. You want this space to look great as well as feel like home. That is where landscaping comes into play; you will need landscaping experts like the lawn brothers, who have experience with designing beautiful yards that have these features built right into them, so they blend seamlessly with the rest of the property. 3. Landscape Lighting

People are now doing more than planting some flowers and shrubs in their yards. They are looking to add new features that will make the exterior space of their homes look amazing. One feature that has become extremely common in recent years is outdoor lighting. Lighting can be used for patios, decks, walkways, driveways, or anything else where people gather outside at night time. Outdoor lights come in various shapes and sizes, so there should be something available regardless of your preference or budget. There are string lights, spotlights, lanterns, candles, flaming torches, and so much more. Lighting can be used as one feature to make your outside space look amazing, or it can be combined with other features like color-changing lights. You can choose from a huge array of different lights that change color on their own or through some control, like your smartphone. Lighting can transform your outdoor space into something truly spectacular, so it is worth giving some thought to. Remember that whatever you want for your landscape, that vision you have created, there will always be a way to achieve it. 4. The smart yard

The smart yard is another trend that you should think about. The smart yard uses sensors and artificial intelligence to help make your landscape work better for you all the time. You can get a variety of different tech products like weather stations, sprinkler systems, soil monitors, and much more. All this technology will work together to keep every part of the garden beautiful and healthy at all times. A smart yard is also environmentally friendly and can save you money on the water bill while still maintaining your lawn. The smart yard isn't just a trend. It is something that will be here to stay for quite some time. With technological advancements, you will be able to care more and more for your lawn from just your phone or other smart devices in years to come. Consider investing in technology if you enjoy spending time outdoors but don't know very much about landscaping or gardening. Having something which takes care of everything automatically means they never have to worry about any aspect of their outdoor space again. The smart yard is also perfect for you if you enjoy a beautiful yard but would rather not physically do all the maintenance work. If you have wondered or asked, “are there lawn care services near me that can execute a smart yard?” The answer is an absolute yes. If you are in Nassau County, Suffolk County, or Long Island New York, the lawn brothers are the experts you should be talking to.

5. Local environment-friendly plants

Local environment-friendly plants make landscaping easier. Because these plants have been adapted to the local environmental conditions, they require less input. Landscape designers are always looking to save time and money. Using these kinds of plants makes this possible because they require less work. Therefore, using native or local environment-friendly plants is one of the biggest landscape design trends that you should get on because it will save you time, money, and a lot of work. Plants adapted to the local environment reduce water usage because they do not need much irrigation, which could save you hundreds in monthly bills. They also make it easier for you when it comes to pests because there's no worry about invasive species taking over your yard. Different areas have different suitable plants depending on the climate, soil type, and other factors. Doing research will go a long way in helping you know what plants you should get for your property in Suffolk County, Nassau County, and Long Island New York. You could also talk to your landscaping expert for valuable advice. The lawn care experts always know what works best for different areas. Different types of landscape designs are constantly evolving, but they all have one thing in common; creating outdoor spaces for people to enjoy year-round. Some trends come and go within no time, while others stick around because people just cannot get enough of them. As the homeowner, it is up to you to decide what you want out of your landscaping project, so do not be afraid to think outside the box. Have you asked yourself the question “what are lawn care services near me?” Look no further. If you need landscaping services reach out to us. We offer excellent lawn care services, and we are here to help transform your lawn into that vision that you have. If you also require mowing lawn services or weekly maintenance arrangements, we are the experts for you.

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