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Do Pavers Increase The Value Of Your Home?

When building a home or renovating it with the thought of selling it, you want to do things and install structures that will make the home look good and increase its value. One of the main trends that many people use is using pavers instead of concrete. That has increased the demand for pavers. The International Concrete Paver Institute released a recent report showing that people bought over 750 million square feet of concrete pavers around Canada and the United States in 2018. They also said that around 78% of all those pavers were used for residential projects. So, why do people prefer pavers? One of the reasons is their visibility and the that they add functionality to your outdoor space. That means that you can use pavers for your driveway, patio, fire pit, walkway, and pool deck, to bring out curb appeal. So How Do Pavers Increase Value? Whether or not pavers will increase the value of your home depends on the way you install them and what they create. However, generally, experts say that they could add up to 20% value to your home. One of the reasons is that pavers are durable, meaning that whoever buys the home does not have to worry about reprint or replacing them soon. Concrete is one of the main materials that people in Suffolk County ad Nassau County used to make hardscapes. While it is a durable material, the masonry company you hire will pour the concrete in large slabs. That increases the chances of the concrete cracking over time, which not only ruins the appearance of the surface but also costs a lot to repair. However, when you use pavers, you lay the individual pieces together and interlock them to create the hardscape. That helps create a strong foundation that has more resistance to environmental factors that cause cracks and degradation. It also gives you flexibility when designing the pattern of your outdoor space. Another reason that pavers add to the value of your home is that you can get them in different styles. When potential buyers in Long Island New York, look at your home, they often seek cohesive looks. That means that every space should have a unique purpose, and the style should reflect that. Therefore, when using pavers, you can take advantage of the different styles and colors to achieve that. Will Pavers Increase Your Home Value? Whether or not pavers will increase the value of your home depends on your market and how you install them. Experts refer to pavers as a nice-to-have addition instead of a must-have if you want to get maximum value from your house. That means that you might use pavers in one market and increase the hose value, while in another market, it would not be such a profitable investment. For example, in competitive markets, people overlook some flaws of the house, like a cracked driveway, and still pay a lot of money for the house. However, the pavers might attract other buyers who are after sustainability and long-lasting structures. That is because you can use concrete pavers to build permeable structures like driveways and patios. That way, instead of excess rainwater draining from your house to the road, your structures absorb the water. Therefore, when you want to revamp your house for sale, enquire from an informed real estate agent who understands the trends around your area. Some of the scenarios you should think about when using pavers to increase your home value include: When they give you a patio The National Association of Realtors surveyed landscape professionals, homeowners, and realtors to determine how different outdoor remodels affect resale. Upgraded landscape and hardscape designs were both among the top four projects that many buyers found appealing and that realtors say can add house resale value. Knowing that a patio may be all your home needs to sell fast and at a good price. A recent report from Remodeling Magazine's 2019 Cost vs. Value says that an expensive patio only gives you around half the invested price. Another top agent survey showed that a mid-scale patio, in which you invest around $3,269, will give you back $3,563 when you sell, it at 9% ROI. Therefore, skip the expensive additions like outdoor sitting and new sliding doors, and invest in simple things like a fire pit. When they revive the curb appeal A recent study on real estate shows that curb appeal was the top thing that makes a home more appealing to buyers. That is because it is the fort impression. You can achieve curb appeal by practicing good lawn care, but also installing perfect hardscape helps too. Therefore, you can couple planting new shrubs in your lawn with a paver patio or driveway to attain the curb appeal. According to a recent study, 27% of people who were selling their homes said that they added pavers, and over half of them said it helped with home value. When they better the flow of indoor-outdoor living Experts say that flow in a home is important because buyers consider how they feel when walking into the house, out to the backyard, and back into the house. When you think of adding pavers to your home, consider leaving enough space where people can lounge and relax. If you realize that there is a lot of hardscape taking over space, consider softening it up with some plants. How To Make Pavers Increase Your Home Value Build a patio to increase your outdoor living space Laying pavers can be tiresome, and if you have a large space, you should contact professionals. If you want to make the patio from scratch, start by digging the area around 8 inches deep. Then, lay down a 4-inch compact base. When laying the base, ensure it starts to grade away from your house. Once you have laid the base, use a layer of sand to cover it, then start laying the pavers. Finally, lay another layer of sand over the pavers to help fill the cracks, then sweep away the excess. Have an inviting walkway Invite your buyers into the home with a beautiful walkway! That gives them a first impression, but do not make the walkway overpower the plants in your front yard. To install, follow the process above. Refresh the pool grade If you already have a patio or build one with pavers, it would help to upgrade the pool deck with some pavers too. Consider the material The material of paver you choose could be the determinant of how much value you add to your property. Some of the most common materials are concrete, brick, and stone. Stone is more expensive than concrete and brick. Brick also comes in different colors but is more fragile than stone and concrete. Some other materials include flagstone, bluestone, marble, travertine, cobblestone, and porcelain. You should also consider the shape and the style of your pavers and decide whether you want to mix up the shapes for different areas. When you want to install pavers in your home to increase the value of your home, the best idea is to call professionals. While there are many companies to consider in Long Island New York, Lawn Brothers are the best masonry company in Suffolk County and Nassau County. Lawn Brothers Landscaping commits to taking your home to the next level. They offer you the best landscaping services, from lawn care to masonry work. Some of the qualities that make them stand out include: They are licensed- Having a license means that the company’s employees have all attained the required knowledge and skills and have passed all the required tests to become the best professionals. They have also met all the requirements and follow the regulations of the areas they work in. They are insured- When Lawn Brothers come to work in your home, and anything happens, such as an injury or property gets destroyed, they have insurance that covers all the damages. Experienced- The Company has been in the business long enough, and they have completed many projects in many different areas including lawn mowing. That means they have completed projects of different sizes, which has sharpened and enhanced their skills. Affordable- The Company believes that all their clients in Suffolk County and Nassau County deserve to have the best-looking homes. Therefore, they have standard prices, all customized to your needs. They also offer free estimates before they start working. Timely- When contacting this lawn care company, you are assured that they will be on your property within less than an hour. They also work within your timeline to ensure that they do not mess up your schedule. Customer satisfaction- They ensure to walk with you every step of the way to ensure that they do everything according to your specifications. Versatile- You can get several services from this company, from mowing lawns to installing hardscape structures in your home.

Call Us Today Doing pavers on your own could be a pain and a lot of your time. If you'd rather hand over the task to a professional, it's time to call Lawn Brothers Landscaping.

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