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How to keep your lawn green during the summer

We all love coming home to a nice green yard that we can be proud of. From hosting neighborhood cookouts to throwing the ball around with your kids, a bright green yard can make it all the much better. Unfortunately, grass doesn't just grow perfectly on its own. It requires regular lawn care and mowing to ensure a beautiful-looking yard throughout the hot summer season. Be Mindful of Your Mower Setting Everybody knows that you need to mow your yard usually once a week to ensure that it stays healthy throughout the summertime. The trick is knowing what height to set your mower blade at. If you set the blade too low, it can destroy the integrity of your grass's root system. This can lead to a brown and unpleasant-looking yard. Many experts recommend setting your mower blade to a height of three inches. This allows enough shade for your yard's root system so that it doesn't get compromised during the mowing process. When you leave your grass blades longer, it allows the roots to grow deeper and much stronger. This allows them more access to nutrients and water to grow to their fullest extent. It's essential to note that when mowing lawns, you should have a sharp mower blade. Many experts recommend sharpening your blade after each mowing session. The sharper your blade is, the easier it will be to cut the blades of grass. If your mower blade is dull, it will actually rip at the grass and cause more damage. Regular Waterings While Suffolk County summers do bring some helpful rainstorms, they typically don't bring enough water throughout the entire summer season. To ensure that your yard stays green, it needs to be watered on a regular basis. Many homeowners get confused and think that they need to water their yard every day of the week in short bursts. The truth is that Suffolk County residents should be aiming to water their yard once to twice a week. The trick is to ensure that you do a nice and deep watering of the yard. You should aim for about one to one and a half inches of water ending up in your yard. If you have a home irrigation system, you should be able to program it to do one deep watering a week. When programming your irrigation system, it's best to set it to do the watering in the morning. Shoot for around five o'clock in the morning. This will give your grass time to fully soak in the water throughout the day and dry out. If you water your grass in the evening, excess water can stay on the surface and end up creating fungal diseases. Move the Dog Around If your Long Island New York family includes a furry friend, you need to be mindful about how they alter your grass. If your pup likes to constantly go to the bathroom in the same spot, it's likely that you have noticed that the grass browns in that area. It's best to encourage your dog to move throughout the lawn so that they can spread out their fertilization effort. Sometimes no matter what you do, it may be hard to get your dog to go to the bathroom in various different places. One thing you can do to help remedy the brown spots in your yard is to use a yard repair kit or contact a professional. A simple search of lawn care services near me should reveal a professional who will be able to fix these brown spots to make your yard green again. Another critical aspect to mention in regards to your pet is that you should be cleaning up after them on a regular basis. Removing pet waste from your yard every couple of days will help to prevent brown spots from developing in your yard. Treat Insect Damage Fast Unfortunately, there are many different pests that can significantly damage your yard if left unattended. Some of the most common are grubs, sod webworms, cutworms, armyworms, and Japanese beetles. If you notice that there are holes in the blades of some of your grass, or there are brown spots where your pet doesn't go to the bathroom, it's likely that you have an insect infestation. It's best to identify what the pest is and use a recommended treatment for that specific type of pest. Limit Excessive Traffic If you're like most homeowners, your family likes to use your yard for all sorts of things. While this is what it's there for, it's important that you don't have any specific areas in your yard being excessively trafficked. If you have sections that are constantly walked over, you may want to consider contacting a masonry company to put it in some pavers. If your family likes to spend a lot of time out back enjoying dinner and other activities, you may want to consider contacting a masonry company to put in a patio. This can be a great alternative that gives your family a certain boundary to where they can enjoy themselves. This will help to keep the sections of grass that you want in your yard to stay green. Aerate Your Yard Talk to any lawn care expert, and they'll likely recommend aerating your yard. While this may sound like a big process involving a lot of equipment, it really comes down to poking holes into the ground. These holes are fairly tiny and are cut down into the soil to help alleviate some of the soil compaction that has accumulated over time. These holes allow air, water, and nutrients to reach down into the roots so that your grass can flourish. Fertilize Your Grass Any basic lawn care professional can recommend fertilizing your yard. It's best to fertilize your yard every six weeks to get the best quality grass possible. If you're not sure what type of fertilizer to use, it's best to consult the professionals at Lawn Brothers. It's imperative that you get the right fertilizer contents to make your grass green without causing it to grow too quickly. Take Care of Weeds When you first noticed that weeds are coming up in your yard, it's imperative to get them taken care of right away. Letting weeds go can allow them to multiply very quickly and create a much bigger problem. You can address weeds in a couple of different ways. If they're small enough, you can just pull them out of your yard. Just make sure that you pull up the entire root system along with the leaves. The other method is to use a selective herbicide to treat the weeds. It's best to have this on hand and use it as soon as you see the weeds. If you're not sure what type of herbicide to treat your yard with, it's best to seek the help of lawn care services near me. Different herbicides are used for different types of plants, and it's essential to have the right one in order to be effective. Seed Your Yard Many homes in Long Island New York have different varieties of grass all combined into each yard. Unfortunately, not all varieties of grass are able to grow in the Nassau County environment. This can result in a lot of brown spots occurring as the hot days of summer kills off certain varieties of grass. To remedy this problem, it's best to purchase grass seed in a variety that can withstand the rough Nassau County summer. You want to reseed your entire yard when this new variety of grass. If you're not experienced in laying down grass seed, you may want to contact an expert to help. Not only can they assist you with laying down grass seed, but they can also focus on mowing the lawn to ensure that it stays at an adequate level throughout the summertime. Don’t Mow in the Sun One big mistake that many homeowners make is mowing the lawn in the middle of a hot summer day. This is never a good idea as the combination of being cut and heat stress can actually damage your grass. It's best to reserve mowing for earlier in the morning or later in the evening after it cools off. This will reduce the amount of heat stress that your grass experiences while being cut, which will reduce its risk of long-term damage. Call Us Today Maintaining a green yard throughout the summer requires a good bit of effort and time. If you'd rather hand over the task to a professional, it's time to call Lawn Brothers Landscaping. We can provide you with regular lawn maintenance to ensure that your yard always looks good, no matter how hot it gets outside.

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