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The Importance of Commercial Landscape

Whether you own an office building, hospitality establishment, apartment block, or some other commercial space, professional commercial landscaping can help add enormous value to your business and help it to better achieve its goals. Commercial landscapers do far more than mowing lawns and manicuring gardens. From frontages, facades, and masonry to simple flower beds and lawn care, they handle every part of a property's external spaces, including planning, designing, installing, and maintaining it. They can also help improve and grow your business. There are many reasons why commercial landscaping is so vital for a business.

Curb Appeal

Professionally landscaped commercial properties tend to draw people’s attention and can act as lures for potential clients and employees. This is known as "attraction," and it’s based on the fact that beautiful things have the psychological effects of producing pleasure and relaxation and providing an emotional uplift.

Therefore, when people drive or walk past an attractive and well-maintained property, they’ll often slow down to get a better look, giving them a better chance of noticing the company responsible for creating it.

Curb appeal can also garner your company accolades for its contribution to local aesthetics or the environment, thereby spreading greater awareness of your company and appreciation for it with potential business partners, prospects, and team-members.

Increase Prospects

First impressions can make all the difference in the success or failure of a business. What people see upon first arriving at your property can set the stage for how those people view your company thereafter. A property with a beautifully designed and well-tended yard stands out to potential clients because it shows that a company values every aspect of its operation, down to how it presents itself to the public.

This makes your business feel more approachable than competitors that don’t make the investment in time and money to beautify their outdoor spaces. It also gives prospective clients the impression that your company will give the same attention and care to their business, making them more likely to choose yours with which to do business.

Professional Appearance

Attempting to manicure and maintain your own commercial outdoor space could have mixed results. Poor planning could leave you with a haphazard, unappealing design, and poor maintenance could leave your landscaping looking sickly.

Using a professional commercial landscaper to design, create and maintain your outdoor spaces can ensure that you get a professional appearance that looks as good every day as it does on day one.

A professional landscaper has the experience and know-how to give you the right advice you need to create the aesthetic and psychological or emotional impact you’re seeking. A professional landscaper knows, for instance:

  • How much maintenance each plant and other elements you’re considering requires

  • Which plants and other elements are right for your specific space

  • How to stick to your budget while still getting the look you desire

Security and Privacy

A well-maintained outdoor space at a commercial property connotes a sense of safety, security, and privacy from the unpredictable world. It also creates concealment, restricting the view through building windows, limiting what the public and other businesses can see of the goings-on inside.

By deliberately placing elements like trees, sculptures or lighting in certain areas, landscaping can serve to increase that sense of privacy, which, in turn, can improve a client, employee or visitor’s sense of safety and security in the space as well.

For employees, a safe and more comfortable atmosphere surrounded by nature can help increase productivity and, therefore, revenue.

Increases Client Spending

An attractive yard may prompt a client to spend more for your products or services than that client may ordinarily spend on them. The fact that your business values its upkeep as much as its promise of value in products and services gives clients the confidence and encouragement to entrust you with more of their money to take similarly impeccable care of their business. A well-designed and maintained yard denotes competence, organization and professionalism. Clients will often pay a premium for you to confer those same values onto them.

Improves Property Value

Attractive and well-kept landscaping can help raise the market value of your commercial property. In basic real estate terms, any positive enhancement to the external portion of a property can increase that property’s overall worth. This can benefit you greatly when seeking business loans or lines of credit.

What’s more, should you ever decide to sell the property, the fact that it has a beautiful and well-manicured green space can shorten the amount of time the property remains on the market. A professionally landscaped commercial property is likely to be sold faster than an otherwise similar commercial property that lacks professional landscaping of its outdoor spaces.

It can also increase your asking price for a property and the size of the offers the property commands, ultimately, garnering you a higher sale price at closing. At the very least, it should ensure you’re able to sell the property for more money than you originally paid for it.

Environmental Awareness

Professional landscaping demonstrates to clients that your company places a premium on appreciation for the environment. In this era of climate change, many clients place a premium on patronizing and working with other businesses that take on eco-friendly policies and practices.

Professional landscaping also helps to benefit the environment in a number of ways. Planting lawn and other greenery helps to improve air quality, as plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere. By employing a professional landscaper to help you select native plants with which to decorate your outdoor spaces, you help to proliferate the natural elements endemic to an area, which, in turn, helps to support beneficial local flora and wildlife.

Improves Productivity

Many studies have found that exposure to natural elements and sunlight has a positive effect on office-worker productivity. A serene outdoor space employees can enjoy gives them a place to decompress, clear their minds and refresh and rejuvenate for the duties before them. Being able to look outside their windows while they work and see an exquisite natural setting can help them feel happier and more content at the job. This, in turn, can help motivate them to perform better at their jobs.

Helping employees stay healthier and happier helps them focus more effectively on that work. A happy worker is a hard worker, and a healthy worker is more effective and efficient. This translates to more satisfied clients, increasing repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

Saves Money and Time

Landscaping maintenance tasks like mowing lawn and trimming hedges takes time, and anything that takes time costs your business money. It also requires renting or purchasing the proper landscaping equipment yourself, which is an added expense. And, if you lack the proper landscaping knowledge and don’t tend your green spaces right, it could end up costing you even more in time and money to repair and redo.

If you don’t hire a professional landscaper to maintain your property for you, you’ll have to do it yourself. This means either hiring the appropriate workers on staff for mowing lawn and tending plants, trees and shrubs, thereby exposing you to greater payroll and benefits costs, or taking the time out of existing employees’ busy workdays (or paying them overtime) to do it.

Either way, it’s an inefficient use of company resources that could be much better applied to focusing on your company’s area of expertise, namely its clients and products or services.


It can seem intimidating to look at a raw or damaged external space on your commercial property and try to imagine transforming it into a beautiful landscape. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone.

If you own commercial property in Long Island New York, whether in the North Shore or the South Shore, East Setauket or Port Jefferson, and you’re looking for a brick work and masonry company or lawn care services near me, check out Lawn Brothers Landscaping. A landscaping and masonry company serving Nassau County and Suffolk County, Lawn Brothers offers landscape design, including patios, walkways, retaining walls and water features. They also offer the gamut of landscape maintenance tasks, including:

  • Shrub trimming and tree pruning

  • Grading, topsoil and mulching

  • Brush and debris removal

  • Weekly lawn mowing and general landscape maintenance

In addition, they provide property redesign, masonry and brickwork, and Bobcat services.

Gerry Morano and his team bring over 50 years of landscape design and lawn care to all they do, whether for big corporations or independent, small businesses. For professional landscaping and lawn care services near me for your property in Nassau County, Suffolk County or elsewhere in greater Long Island New York, contact Lawn Brothers Landscaping now by phone at 631-294-5102, email at, or using their online form on their website.

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