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What Are The Best Types Of Gardens, Features, and Trees For My Yard?

Your outdoor speaks a lot about our personality and the general nature of your home. There are several ingenious ways to improve your yard, including planting trees and grass or leveraging masonry for your hardscaping project. Below, we will cover some of the best trees you can add to your lawn to improve the beauty of your outdoors. Aside from beauty, trees have a lot of benefits, including creating shade, acting as a windbreaker, or cleaning the air. Depending on the tree you have, you can enjoy the ever-changing foliage, blossoms, and fruits all year round.

However, choosing a tree for your yard can be tricky, especially if you need to include it in your lawn care routine. There are certain trees that can only thrive in large spaces without interfering with your lawn or house. At lawn brothers landscaping, we believe in helping clients realize their landscaping goals, either through brickwork, mowing lawns, or planting gardens. Here are a few garden ideas, features, and trees to consider for your yard.


Olive Tree

Olive trees are a good addition to your yard. They not only add beauty but also provide other benefits. They generally grow slowly, taking up to 10 years to reach 6.5 feet, making them a good choice for homeowners with limited yard space. These trees spot perennial silver-gray foliage and can easily thrive in a container. However, you need to add a spade of horticultural grit to ensure proper soil aeration and drainage when planting. Olives can feature different growth styles according to your taste and preference. You can either let them grow irregularly or give them standards to feature a bare trunk and a shaped rounded top.

Olive trees don't do well during winter and need a sheltered spot to weather the cold winter months. If they are in an exposed part of the yard, wrap them in horticultural fleece to prevent freezing. You should also test the nutrient content in the soil, making necessary adjustments to provide the tree with sufficient food. During summer, I would recommend watering the plant till the water overflows. Olive trees are relatively easy to maintain. Regularly watering, food, and light pruning, and your tree will flourish. To get help with your olives. You search for lawn care services near me to find the best landscaping firm.


A dogwood tree is one of the best ways to bring color to your backyard. This tree blossoms during spring, filling your yard with white, pink, and red flowers. The tree also features a lush and compact canopy of foliage during summer to provide shade during hot afternoons. Most dogwood trees display red foliage during full, before dropping their leaves to show off their ornamental branching in winter. There are several species of dogwood trees, each capable of thriving in different parts of the United States. With the help of your local botanist, you can find the right dogwood tree for your yard. To plant and maintain the tree, search for lawn care services near me; this way, you can get professional advice on the best location to plant it.

Saucer Magnolia

The saucer magnolia is one of the most beautiful trees you can add to your front or backyard. The tree blossoms with pinkish-purple, saucer-shaped flowers during spring. The tree grows to 20-30 feet tall and flourishes in zones 4 through 9. This attractive tree is an ideal choice for any kind of yard.

Crab Apple

The crab apple is a good way to light up your garden or yard all through the year. During spring, the tree produces beautiful clouds of pretty blossoms, and in autumn, you can see a profusion of small fruits in shades of gold, yellow, scarlet, and attractive. Homeowners are also treated to attractive multi-colored leaves. The height of this tree varies based on species; this means you need to consult before buying one. If you have a small yard, I recommend getting the wisely crab or the malus butterball that grows up to 13ft. These trees thrive in a sunny site with moist soil.

Ornamental Cherry

Cherry trees are known for their beautiful pink or white petals. The cherry plant comes in different growth sizes, with some featuring compact size to fit a small yard. One of the best varieties to try is the Prunus yedoensis, famed for its weeping branches and romantic white almond-scented flowers. This tree can grow up to a height of 10 feet in 3 years. You can as well go with the cherry pink shell, which has pastel pink flowers that turn white in April to accent the light green leaves. This variety has a maximum growth height of 11.5 feet. The ornamental cherry thrives mostly in a sunny spot with moist, well-drained soil of any type. The best part is that they are low on maintenance.

Garden Features

Landscaping is a broad topic that covers different aspects, from gardening to hardscaping. To realize your landscaping goals, you may have to work with a reliable masonry company in suffolk county, Nassau county, or long island new york. Here are a few garden feature ideas you can consider for your yard.


Hedges are often used as a boundary or fence to separate your property from the outside world. A hedge consists of a hard civil fence and a live fence combined to give you a beautiful design. The plants used for hedges should be perennial with a bushy habit. You should consider getting hardy plants with uniform, multiple branching, with dense evergreen foliage; this way, you can create a screen effect. Some of the popular options include murraya, mehndi, and Ficus benjamina, which are able to withstand regular trimming and pruning.

Ground covers

Ground covers are arguably one of the best ways to repair dead spots or cover unused, empty areas within your yard. This cover is also a good way of restricting movement in your yard as people are not supposed to step on the ground cover plantation. Most landscapers use creepers, grass, or trailers with rosette or spreading habits. You should consider adding plants with ornamental foliage or flowering to make the yard more attractive. Plants with minimal maintenance serve as the best ground covers; these include ribbon grass, weddelia, and ipomoea batatas, among others.

Pathway Trees

Internal pathway trees are an excellent garden feature to include in your yard. This feature involves planting small trees in a line along a pathway. The trees help highlight your pathways while interconnecting different garden features. You can as well plant these trees along your jogging paths. Popular tree options include Areca palms, pisonia, and plumeria.

Bird Baths and Feeders

Birdbaths and feeders can either be permanent or temporary structures. Aside from feeding and watering local birds, these structures can be an attractive addition to your yard. Birdbaths provide birds with a place to play and bathe. This is also a good source of entertainment and education for you and your family, especially if you are into birds. The best part about these features is that they are small and won't become an eyesore in your yard.


Since time immemorial, statues have been used to bring a new perspective to the surrounding. Today, a well-placed statue can make a difference to your garden to give it a classic and elegant look. The best part about statues is that they are made from different materials. This means you can pick one that fits your budget. Popular options include glass, bronze, ceramic, concrete, stone, terracotta, and lead. With the proper brickwork and masonry technique, you can create the best statue for your garden.


Archways are a creative and fun addition to your yard. They are used to create welcoming entryways or divide areas in your yard. For example, you can separate the main house from the pool areas or flower beds. With the help of a landscaper, you can explore multiple styles and designs to suit your needs and taste. An archway can also be used to hang baskets or train vines.

Water Features

There are several water features you can include in your yard. These include fountains, birdbaths, or fish ponds. These features are a good way to induce a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your backyard. However, before installing one, you may need to get permits. The best part about water features is that they are self-contained and re-circulatory. This means you can enjoy the soothing sounds of running water without worrying about expensive water bills or hefty maintenance costs.

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As stated before, landscaping is a broad topic that covers various activities from mowing lawns, installing garden features to hardscaping. At lawn brothers landscaping, we believe our clients should get the best service. We provide lawn care services to customers in Suffolk County, Nassau county, and long island new york, among others. Our firm also prides itself in being a top masonry company in the region. Our team of experts will provide you with year-round care and maintenance for your yard; this way, you can maintain its beauty all year round.

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