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Tree Pruning and Shrub or Hedge Trimming

Trees and shrubs need regular, expert pruning and/or trimming to maintain growth and remain healthy. A wrong cut here or there on a tree or bush could impact the plant’s ability to thrive. Additionally, knowing when to trim and prune is vital to the survival of your landscape’s accent plants and foliage.


At Lawn Brothers, we understand the biology of trees and ornamental shrubbery. By carefully monitoring your tree’s growth we can quickly recognize developing defects and imperfections so that we can correct them using the proper trimming technique. While most trees, shrubs, and hedges are usually hardy, improper limb cutting or over-trimming can cause irreparable damage.

Image by Annie Spratt
Tree Lined Path

Tree Pruning

Trees provide natural beauty to your landscape. They also improve local air and water quality along with increasing property value. It has been estimated that homes with well-established trees as part of the landscape design often sell up to 15% faster than those that don’t have trees. However, the key to beautiful trees is proper care.


Like other parts of your home, the regular inspection and maintenance of your trees and shrubs increase their resistance to disease and their longevity. Regular, correct trimming also ensures that your trees and shrubs will look beautiful and stay healthy season after season.


Did you know that weak limbs or imperfect growth can prevent your trees and shrubs from growing properly? Also, weak tree limbs can easily break off during storms and cause other expensive damage to your property. By properly trimming and pruning your trees each season, you can prevent them from becoming top-heavy or overgrown to one side or the other.


Expert tree pruning can also ensure desired light filtration that will enhance any landscape design. Additionally, pruning, when done correctly, encourages more attractive growth patterns. Early correction of limb defects helps the tree redirect its energies to better shaping and prevents unwanted overgrowth favoring a certain area of the tree.


Preventive dead-wooding (the targeted cutting off dead limbs) helps to free your trees’ nutrients and moisture to better serve the living and healthier parts of the tree. Trees that are routinely inspected for dead areas and then are properly pruned are generally healthier and thrive for a longer time. Dead-wooding can also prevent large limbs from causing other property damage during storms. Dead limbs are very prone to breaking off in high winds and where they may land can be unpredictable.


The most important aspect of pruning is knowing how and where to cut along with the timing of the prune. While dead limbs can be removed almost any time of year, other pruning requires specific time and techniques to produce the desired results. Lawn Brothers has the expertise to prune your trees so that they continuously enhance your property and extend the life of your foliage.


Shrub and Hedge Trimming

The same pruning techniques apply to your shrubs and hedges but are referred to as trimming. Removing diseased or dead areas of hedges on a routine basis helps to keep the hedge healthy for a longer time. Removing dead hedge areas also prevents disease and insect problems.


Since most homeowners use hedges as a privacy screen, proper trimming helps the hedge fill out better and allows it to do its job more effectively. A fuller hedge is more pleasing to the eye and during resale time can increase the value of your property. The opposite applies to a poorly maintained hedge or shrubs.


Ornamental shrubs also require regular trimming to maintain their shape. Again, with an eye on resale value, homes with beautiful ornamental shrub beds usually see increased property values. As an investment, thriving ornamental shrubs that are well-cared for can add color and beauty to your landscape design. our Lawn Pruning Service in Long Island NYC


At Lawn Brothers, we take pride in providing proper tree pruning and shrub trimming services to help keep your yard looking its best all year round. If you require professional pruning services in the Suffolk County area (i.e. Stony Brook, Patchogue, Port Jefferson) please give us a call at 631-294-5102 to set up a consultation.

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